In Australia, a young man of Indian origin had murdered his ex-girlfriend, after 2 years he himself told the story of the incident in the court

Australia News: In Australia, a young man of Indian origin killed his ex-girlfriend and threw her body in a shallow grave in the Flinders Range. About 2 years after the incident, he has accepted his crime in the court. It was told in media reports that the young man is 22 years old, he had killed a 21 year old girl.

The matter was heard in the Supreme Court of Australia on Tuesday. It was told about the allegation that his name is Tarikjot Singh. He was accused of abducting his ex-girlfriend Jasmin Kaur (21), also a nursing student of Indian origin, and killing her in March 2021. According to the police, 22-year-old Tariqjot Singh was in a love affair with the murdered girl.  

The girl was abducted from her work-place

Tariqjot Singh was accused of stalking Jasmin Kaur for weeks before abducting her from her work-place. Jasmin Kaur went missing on the night of March 5, 2021 and was reported missing the next morning. A few days later his body was found in a shallow grave in the Flinders Ranges, 430 km from Adelaide. 

Jasmin Kaur lived with her aunt and uncle in Flinders Park and was preparing to become a nurse. She worked as a care-taker.

It has been said in the report that the court will now hear the accused in April, after which the sentence can be pronounced in May.

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