In America Bought Lottery Ticket When Wife Was Late From Office Won 80 Lakh Rupees In Prize

Man Wins 80 Lakhs In Lottery : Miracles can happen to anyone in the world. There is a saying, ‘Whenever the one above gives, he gives by tearing the roof’. This saying fits perfectly on a couple living in the Maryland district of America. The couple had planned to go out somewhere on Friday evening. According to the fixed time, the husband reached near his office to pick up the wife from his office. The wife could not get out on time as she was stuck in some work.

The husband started getting bored while waiting outside and went to the nearby ATM to withdraw money and bought two lottery tickets with that money. What happened after that made not only the mood of that person but the whole day. He was not able to swell with happiness. He had won a total of 80 lakh rupees in the lottery.

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A man living in Prince George’s County, Harryland said, both husband and wife used to buy lottery tickets regularly. Although his lottery had never been played before. He said, never thought that such a big lottery would be held. After winning the lottery, he was very happy with his wife and said, it is good that you were late and we got such a big lottery. Husband had bought two tickets of 50-50 thousand dollars.

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Husband told about another funny incident. He said, when he went to withdraw money from the ATM, he got only 5 dollar notes. For this reason he bought two tickets, whereas on normal days he and his wife used to buy only one ticket. After winning the lottery, the person said, he is going to donate some part of this money.

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