Imran Khan Attacked Video Before The Attack After The Attack And At The Time Of The Attack

Imran Khan Attacked: In Pakistan, Imran Khan was taking out a Hakiki Azadi march against the government as usual. His convoy was leaving from Gujranwala in Punjab. When his convoy reached Allahu Chowk, Imran’s supporters were asking him with full enthusiasm – will you not move back?

Standing on this container, Imran was accepting the greetings of his supporters and the people present in the rally. Then suddenly the thunder of bullets echoed in the thunderous sound of slogans. After a moment’s silence, silence or indifference, it was realized that no one else but Imran Khan had been attacked by a slayer.

The enthusiasm of the rally had turned into mourning, the crowd was terrified. After a few minutes passed between the chaos, Imran Khan was seen roaring. Smiling came out of the container and said – Allah has given new life… I will return again.

video before attack
Former PM Imran Khan’s Hakiki Azadi March is going out. There are many vehicles in the convoy and there are supporters in the vehicles who are asking Imran again and again while raising slogans – will not move back. Imran might have answered this question as well but the crowd would not have been able to hear it, it is just a guess and no one knows anything about it.

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attack video
Imran’s convoy is leaving from Gujranwala. Imran’s supporters are raising slogans in the convoy. Suddenly the sound of rumblings is heard in the crowd. It seems in the voice that someone has set off fireworks in the welcome, but in a few moments it becomes clear that this is a deadly attack on Imran. The crowd rushes to catch the attacker. Meanwhile, Imran Khan bows down when the bullet hits the container, the bullet hits his feet.

video after the attack
As soon as Imran was shot, the security personnel who came into action set out to take him towards the hospital. Imran is shot in both the legs. The crowd around doesn’t know what to do. Just one thing in the mind of the security personnel, Imran should be taken to the hospital.

The nearest city is Lahore. Imran is rushed to the hospital. Where a team of four-member doctors is waiting for him. The hospital is closed to the general public as soon as Imran arrives. While getting down from the ambulance, Imran does not say anything but smiles and accepts the media.

Imran Khan Shot at Rally: ‘I just wanted to kill Imran Khan’, reveals the arrested attacker

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