If The Dog Is Dead Bring The Dog Show The Proof Restaurant Manager Threatened Staff Now Lost Job

Restaurant Manager Fired In US: A manager of the Olive Garden restaurant in Kansas City, USA, lost his job after he threatened other employees. Apart from this, the manager used to scold other staff for asking for leave. According to The Guardian, the manager’s name has not been released publicly, but in other ways, many strong messages against him are being sent online. The manager told the employees in a written note that they were taking leave from work at a “very expensive rate”. It has been further told in The Guardian’s report that the manager also said that any kind of excuse will not be tolerated in the restaurant anymore.

The now fired manager issued a message saying “If your dog is dead, you have to bring us here to prove it. You can’t say anything when there’s a ‘family emergency’, that’s too bad.” Better go and work somewhere else.”

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In this message, the manager has also thrown light on the works done in difficult times. Like going to office in your shift even after being sick. The manager wrote that I had become ill. I was in no condition to go to work on time. Even after this, I reached the office on time. Once my car got stuck in a mud puddle, the airbags went off and my car was a complete mess, but you know I didn’t make any excuses for making it to work on time. If you have come here to work and want to work, then work.

The manager was removed on Tuesday itself
The manager of the restaurant wrote a note to his employees that I hope you enjoy working here and we think management makes it that much easier. That’s as much we can do for you, the manager said in the note, according to the outlet, as a thank you for the employees showing up to work on time. Local news channel KCTV said the manager was fired from the restaurant on Tuesday itself.

what the restaurant manager said
Speaking to the media, a representative from Olive Garden said that “We make every effort to provide a caring and respectful work environment for our team members. We can confirm that we have parted ways with this manager.” adopted.”

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