Hu Jintao First Public Appearance After Being Expelled From CCP Congress Xi Jinping Took Revenge

China Hu Jintao: Former Chinese President Hu Jintao (Ex-President) has been seen in public for the first time after the Chinese Communist Party was expelled from the Congress in October. On Monday (December 5), he paid tribute to his late predecessor Jiang Zemin. Earlier, Hu was removed from his chair at the closing ceremony of the Congress in October. It was an unusual incident, which the whole world saw. The third term of Chinese President Xi Jinping was sealed at the CCP Congress.

However, Chinese state media later reported that Hu Jintao felt unwell at the meeting and was forced to leave the hall by Xi. A video also surfaced of him being escorted out of the hall, in which Hu repeatedly tried to speak to Xi, but was forcibly taken out by officials.

Hu Jintao seen with top leaders

State broadcaster CCTV footage showed Hu Jintao appearing with other top leaders at the Chinese People’s Liberation Army General Hospital in Beijing ahead of Jiang’s funeral on Monday morning. Hu looked unwell there too and was walking with the help of an officer.

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Xi Jinping gave a message to the opponents

At the October Congress, Xi Jinping was appointed as the general secretary of the party for a term of next five years. Prior to this, Hu Jintao was the President of China for two terms (10 years). Some believed Hu’s unexpected removal was meant to send a strong political message to those in the party who might oppose Xi’s coronation.

Close to Xi even in top leadership

Xi Jinping also gave place to his close ones in the Politburo Standing Committee. Another surprising thing was that for the first time there was not a single woman in China’s top leadership. Xi Jinping has made it clear with his move that the one who supports him will remain in power in China. To oppose them would mean to lose power. In such a situation, no leader opposed Xi Jinping’s third term at all.

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