Hitler 97 Year Old Typist Irmgard Furchner Convicted 10505 Murders First Woman Convicted Nazi Crimes

Nazi Typists Convicted Killed Thousands: If someone tells you that a 97-year-old woman has been convicted for 10505 murders, you will probably be shocked. You will be left wondering as to how someone can commit so many murders at this age. If you are really confused, then we clear your confusion.

Actually, this elderly woman is not an ordinary woman, but Irmgard Forchner, who was stationed in the Nazi camp and was Hitler’s typist. He has recently been convicted of 10505 murder.

Who is Irmgard Forchner

Irmgard Forchner was a former secretary in the Nazi army. She was a teenager when she was taken into custody. She is the first woman to be convicted of Nazi crimes. She was in Steinthoff at the time of her arrest. According to the report, from 1943 to 1945, he worked here as a typist. Irmgard was sentenced to two years of suspended prison by the court. Although she did not serve as a soldier in the Nazi army and her services were as a civilian worker, but during the hearing of her case, the court said that even though she had been a civilian worker, she had to There was complete information about what was going on in the camp. In this way, she was also involved in this crime.

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People killed in gas chambers

According to the report, around June 1944, 65 thousand people were killed in the Stammthoff camp. The Irmgard used to stamp the death certificates of those who died in the Staythof camp. Some of the dead were non-Jewish prisoners and some were Soviet soldiers. Irmgard was 18-19 years old at the time of her arrest. His trial was conducted in a special juvenile court. Reports suggest that even gas chambers were built in the Staithoff camp to kill prisoners. Irmgard said in court 40 days after the start of the trial that ‘I apologize for what happened. To this day, I regret that I was in the Stay Staff at that time. That’s all I can say.

Trial started in September 2021

Irmgard was tried in the Itzewoh court in northern Germany. The trial started here from September 2021. During the trial, the court took the statements of all those people who survived in this camp. However, nothing has been said on Irmgard’s punishment yet.

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