Hezbollah Praises Synagogue Attack In East Jerusalem Which Killed 7

Israel Terror Attack: Hezbollah has praised Saturday’s shooting at the Jewish temple adjacent to Jerusalem, which killed 7 people and injured 10 others. Reuters claimed this citing the statement of an Iran-backed group. Please tell that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization, which many countries have banned all its activities.

In addition to Hezbollah, the Islamist Hamas movement also celebrated after the attack by firing shots in the air and honking cars and fireworks skyrocketed across the West Bank, Bloomberg reported. Let us inform that 7 people were killed and 10 others were injured in the firing on Friday. The Israeli Foreign Ministry gave information about this incident. Israel has called it a terrorist attack.

who is hezbollah

Significantly, a Shia organization named Hezbollah was formed in Lebanon which meant “Party of Allah”. Iran started giving it financial help against Israel. Soon Hezbollah began to compete with other Shia organizations and within three years it had established itself as a resistance movement.

The White House responded to Friday’s attack. Condemning the attack, the White House said that America is shocked and saddened by the incident. At a press briefing, White House Press Secretary Karin Jean Pierre said: “We strongly condemn Friday evening’s heinous terrorist attack at a place of worship in Jerusalem and are shocked and saddened by the loss of life, including the killing of eight innocent victims.”

According to media reports, the incident took place on Thursday after deadly clashes in the refugee camp of Jenin, in which nine Palestinians, including an elderly woman, were killed by Israeli forces. The clashes in the West Bank city brought the total number of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces this year to 29, according to CNN.

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