Height Matters: This man spent ₹1.2 crore on surgery to grow 3 inches taller

Costly Heights: It is said that hobby is a big thing. But can you spend crores of rupees to increase your height by three inches? One person has done this. According to a report in the Daily Star, a man spent £130,000 (Rs 1.2 crore) on leg surgery to increase his height by three inches.

According to the report, a 68-year-old man named Roy Conn was five feet six inches before surgery, but after the dangerous surgery, his height has become five feet nine inches. However, Conn suffered a lot during his surgery. Con had to spend a lot of money to increase his height by three inches. But Conn is now satisfied with his height. 

NRI surgeon performed the surgery 

This complex surgery was done by cosmetic surgeon Kevin Debiparshad. Speaking to the Daily Star, Mr Conn said, "It (height) was not a big issue. I used to think about this when I was young. As far as money was concerned, I was able to afford it and I got time. Then I worked on it. I didn’t have any problem with my height. Just sometimes I used to feel that my height is a little short. My wife was worried when I was going for surgery. I have had this surgery done for my own satisfaction, not for anyone else.” 

Height increases by one millimeter a day

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