Global Warming: The last 8 years have been the hottest! Rising sea level, UN told what is the big danger in the coming years

WMO Report on Climate Change: The World Meteorological Organization has said that the last eight years (2015-2022) are going to be the warmest on record. The reason behind this is the accumulation of greenhouse gas and the accumulation of heat. 

How much did the sea level rise?

The ice sheet in Greenland, which has been retreating for so many years,

average temperature for a period of 10 years

WMO Secretary General told the threat

Professor Petteri Talas, Secretary General of the WMO, said, “The higher the heat, the worse the effect. The atmosphere has such high levels of carbon dioxide that the lower 1.5 °C of the Paris Agreement is barely within reach. They said, "It is already too late for many glaciers and will continue to melt for hundreds if not thousands of years. The rate of sea level rise has doubled in the past 30 years. However, we still measure it in millimeters per year. It rises by half a meter every hundred years and is a long-term and major threat to millions of low-lying states and coastal residents."

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