Germany Bans Purchase Of New Tanks Failed During War Escorts

Germany Pauses Order Of Puma Tanks: The German government said on Monday (December 19) that it would freeze the purchase of new Puma tanks after a large-scale failure during an exercise. Berlin wants to further modernize its army. In this sense, it is a big blow for Germany. There may now be a problem with the infantry vehicles becoming part of Germany in the NATO army. There were 18 such tanks, which were not found true in practice.

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Germany has once again insisted on modernizing its army. Germany’s Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said in a statement that the failure of the Puma tanks was a setback.

what did the defense minister say

He said that an inquiry has been ordered into what went wrong and no new order will be given until these tanks are rectified. Lambrecht said, “Our soldiers should have strong and capable weapons available in the war.” Puma was to be ready for NATO task force for rapid deployment from the month of January.

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Army has 350 Puma tanks

Lambrecht said Germany would still fulfill its obligations to the alliance, and would use older Modder tanks instead of Pumas. A spokesman for the Defense Ministry said that work is being done at a rapid pace to stop the damage. He said the failure rate was highly unusual. The army has 350 Puma tanks, but only 42 were deployed for use with NATO forces.

Russia had threatened

Berlin has planned to spend big on its military in view of the threat from Russia earlier this year. Has also announced to spend 100 billion euros ($ 106 billion) on the modernization of its armed forces. Germany is also looking to buy dozens of US-made F-35 fighter jets, but the project has been stalled due to concerns about delays and cost overruns by the Defense Ministry.

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