German Museum Heist 483 Ancient Gold Coins Stolen

German Museum Heist: Once again the museum was stolen in Germany. Thieves stole ancient gold coins worth $2.3 million from the museum. When employees of the Celtic and Roman Museum in the small town of Manching in Bavaria arrived at the museum on Tuesday (22 November) morning, they discovered that 483 ancient gold coins valued at $2.3 million had been stolen.

It is being said that these coins are about 100 years before the birth of Christ. These coins looked like small buttons. A museum official said that the value of the stolen gold coins could be around US $ 1.7 million. On this incident, the mayor of the city Mr. Herbert Nerb said that it is like a bad movie. This is a complete catastrophe. The stolen gold coins were considered a symbol of the city’s rich archaeological history more than their value.

The government called it an irreparable loss

Markus Blume, Bavaria’s Minister of State for Science and the Arts, described the incident as an irreparable loss. He said that these coins were the witnesses of our history. Theft of these is a disaster. The police have also confirmed this incident. On the other hand, the police confirmed the theft on Wednesday (November 23) and said that 1,300 connections had been stalled by cutting a cable of the telephone line of the entire area.

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the police kept guarding the banks

Police said that on Tuesday (November 22) around 4 am, a technician informed about the telephone system being disrupted. On this information, the police sent patrolling cars to check the banks, because they thought that the target would be the banks. He did not realize that the museum had been stolen. The police came to know about the theft when the museum staff called the police at 10 am.

Historical coin was stolen in 2017

Earlier in 2017, a 100 kg gold coin kept in Berlin’s Bode Museum was stolen. The cost of this coin was one million dollars. This coin was 53 cm, whose thickness was 3 cm. The specialty of this coin was that it had the picture of Queen Elizabeth II.

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