Gen Asim Muneer New Pakistan Army Chief Know Who Is Gen Asim Muneer Pakistani IB Minister

Pakistan Army Chief: Pakistan has got its new army chief. General Asim Munir will be the new army chief of Pakistan. PM Shahbaz Sharif announced his name. Many big names were involved in the race for the new Army Chief of Pakistan. After which this big responsibility has been entrusted to General Munir. General Munir is considered an infamous name of the intelligence agency ISI. Munir will replace General Bajwa.

Who is General Asim Munir
Take. General Asim Munir is the most senior officer of the Pakistan Army. At the time of the retirement of Pakistan’s Army Chief Bajwa, Lieutenant General Asim Munir is the most senior officer. Since recommendations had to be sent for both the top posts in the army before November, it was up to Bajwa to decide whether he would include General Munir’s name in those names or not… Munir had been DG Military Intelligence in 2017. In the year 2018, he has been the ISI chief for 8 months. During this, many such stories of him came to the fore, due to which he was considered an infamous ISI officer.

Career in the army has been like this
Munir became the Intelligence Chief in October 2018, but was sacked after just eight months. Munir joined the army through Pakistan’s Open Training Service (OTS). General Munir of the Frontier Force Regiment is the senior most three star general. He is considered the favorite officer of General Bajwa. When General Bajwa was the commander of the X Corps, General Munir was posted there as a brigadier.

In the year 2017, General Bajwa made him the Director General ie Chief of Military Intelligence and within a year he also became the Chief of ISIA. But only after eight months, he was removed from this post at the behest of the then PM Imran Khan. Take it from here General Munir Gunjawala reached the post of Corps Commander and served on this post for two years. It took a long time for General Munir to become a two-star and in September 2018 he could come to this post.

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Why was the ISI chief removed from the post?
Take. Pakistan’s senior journalist Najam Sethi had disclosed why General Munir was removed from the post of ISI. Quoting his sources, he had told in an interview that when General Munir was DG ISI, he had told Imran that the situation inside the Punjab province was very bad. Take. General Munir had told the former PM that if there is no change in the leadership, then problems can arise for the army and the government.
General Munir told Imran in clear words that due to the circumstances, the name of the army is also being tarnished because he is with Imran.

After this, after hearing all this, Imran Khan did not say anything at first and then told General Bajwa that he does not like this person. In this case, he should be removed from his post. Only after this General Munir was sent to Gunjawala. The corruption on behalf of Bushra Bibi was also revealed by General Munir in front of Imran Khan. This thing also angered Imran and he removed General Munir from his post.

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