French Scientists Decode King Charles V 500 Year Old Letter

King Charles V 500 Year Old Letter Decode: The name of King Charles V, Emperor of Rome and King of Spain, is taken at the top of the most powerful rulers of the 16th century. During his reign of more than 40 years, he ruled a vast territory, including most of Western Europe.

He was running such a huge empire with the help of his trusted ministers. He used to send messages to his ministers by writing letters in secret language. No one is aware of the language he used in his letters. Under this, most of his letters remain a puzzle even today. Meanwhile, French scientists have decoded the 500-year-old letter of Charles V.

Charles V’s letter decoded

According to the BBC report, this letter was written by Charles V to his ambassador. Strange symbols were used to write this letter, which has been solved by the scientists. According to the report, after being so powerful, Charles V lived in fear. According to the information, in this letter, he had expressed the possibility of being murdered.

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Emperor wrote this letter in 1547

The decoded letter was written by the king to his ambassador in France in 1547. This letter mentions many battles and tensions between France and Spain at that time. This letter was written in very difficult language. In this letter, the emperor had used characters in a special way.

Mystery of the letter solved in 3 years

French cryptographer Cecile Pierrot along with her team has broken this code. He came to know about this letter three years ago at a dinner party of his friend. This party took place in the French city of Nancy. After the party, he found the letter in the basement of the old library of the same city and started researching it.

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