Former Us President Donald Trump Bank Account In Chinese Bank Know All Details

Trump Bank Account In China: The difficulties of former US President Donald Trump are increasing. Many shocking things have come to light in the latest revelations. In fact, the former President’s bank account was also opened in China. This has caused a lot of damage to their image. Apart from this, there have also been many revelations on Trump’s federal tax return. This report has been made public after getting approval from the US Supreme Court. It showed that Trump paid the lowest tax in the first and last years of his presidency.

Became President by defeating Hillary Clinton
In the year 2016, Donald Trump sat on the throne after defeating Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. He was also accused at that time that he had taken help from China and Russia in the elections. After this revelation, the leaders of the Republican Party have warned the ruling Democratic Party of the consequences.

who has investigated
Explain that the Joint Committee of Taxation has investigated the tax returns of former President Trump. In the investigation, many suspicious things have also been found from Trump. Officials believe that Trump has done this to save tax. Officials have also said that if caught in the investigation, Trump may have to pay taxes at a higher rate.

Biden was accused
In the presidential election of 2020, the matter of Trump’s trade with China came to the fore. Trump accused Joe Biden of being close to China. He had said that Biden is a puppet of China.

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