Former PAk PM Imran Khan Praised India Foreign Policy, Said- Modi Govt Bought Oil From Russia Even During Ukraine War | Imran Khan: Former PM of Pakistan Imran Khan praised India’s foreign policy, said

Pakistan Vs India Foreign Policy: Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan seems to be changing his attitude towards America and India. Yesterday he refused to consider himself as anti-American and has now praised India’s foreign policy as well.

Imran Khan has said that even when Russia attacked Ukraine last year, India continued to buy cheap oil from it. But we (Pakistan) could not do that. After this, Imran further explained his reason, he said that then our Army Chief (General Bajwa) had spoiled the matter.

Imran Khan has already praised India’s independent foreign policy. This time, Imran Khan has developed enmity with his own friend, former Chief of the Pakistani Army General Bajwa, both of them are accusing each other. Targeting Bajwa, Imran Khan said that last year when I finalized the deal with Putin in Moscow for cheap crude oil like India, Bajwa condemned the attack on Ukraine and the matter worsened.

Former Pak PM said – I am not anti America

Earlier, in an interview with Voice of America English, Imran had also changed his opinion about America. Taking a U-turn on America’s opposition, Imran Khan had said that he is not anti-America. Imran claimed on Saturday that General Bajwa had told the Americans that he was anti-America. Similarly, Imran said in response to another question, “A cipher had come from America. It was sent by our ambassador from Washington, but the matter was different. The Army King sitting here had conspired to remove me.” ” In this statement, Imran targeted Bajwa.

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