FIFA World Cup 2022 Iranian Football Team Players Refused To Sing National Anthem Against England Group Stage Match

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar: The very next day after the start of the Football World Cup in Qatar, a major incident was witnessed in the group stage match. There was a lot of discussion in the media after the match. In fact, players of the Iranian football team refused to sing their country’s national anthem in their World Cup group stage match against England on Monday. The players did this to support the movement going on in the country against the hijab and to protest against the atrocities on the agitators by the government.

According to the report, before this match, Iran’s captain Alireza Jahanbakhsh refused to confirm whether his team will sing the national anthem before the start of the match against England on Monday.

Football team has already shown support

Iran’s players have supported the demonstrations going on in the country in the past as well. In the same year, during a friendly match, the players protested by covering the country’s symbol with black jackets. While some players expressed their protest against the government by not celebrating the goal.

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Players of other sports have done this too.

Let us inform that ever since the movement against Hijab started in Iran, since then in other sports also Iranian players have refused to sing the national anthem. In view of this, before the match, the captain of the Iranian football team, Jahanbakhsh, was questioned about singing the national anthem. Then he had said that the team has discussed the issue, but he did not confirm what the team has planned.

That’s why this protest was expressed

Please tell that in September 2022, the Iranian police arrested 22-year-old Mahsa Amini for not wearing the hijab. He died a few days later in police custody. After this incident, a movement against hijab started in the whole country. Today this movement has taken a violent form. The Iranian government is doing everything strictly to suppress the movement. Atrocities on the protesters continue, but still the protests are not taking the name of stopping.

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