Eric Garcetti: Who is Eric Garcetti, close to Biden, who will take charge of the US Embassy in India?

America: US President Joe Biden has once again nominated his very close friend Eric Garcetti as the next ambassador to India. The White House has given this information after sending the nomination to the Senate. Please tell that Eric Garcetti has been the mayor of Los Angeles. Even before this his name has been nominated for the Ambassador of India. 

According to the White House statement, Eric M. Garcetti of California will be the United States Ambassador to India. If media reports are to be believed, Eric Garcetti is very close to US President Joe Biden. After the release of Garcetti’s name, some MPs are opposing his appointment. Let us inform that the post of US Ambassador to India is vacant for almost two years. There has been a lot of criticism of America regarding this.

Alleged sexual harassment

Eric Garcetti was nominated by Biden as India’s ambassador last year as well, but his name got stuck. In fact, Garcetti’s name was redacted during an internal investigation. Please tell that Eric Garcetti was accused of sexual harassment of a woman during the mayor’s office. This is the reason why his name was put on hold after he was nominated as India’s ambassador last year. However, he always called the sexual harassment case against him baseless. During this the White House also publicly defended him. 

What was said by the White House 

White House Press Secretary Karin Jean-Pierre said during the press conference that as Foreign Minister Antony Blinken recently said that our relations with India are important. He said that the name of Mayor Garcetti was not approved earlier, he has the support of both the parties. He is fully qualified to serve on this important post. Mayor Garcetti and we expect the Senate to confirm his name immediately.

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