England Video 5 Luxury Cars Including Porsche Worth 7 Crores Stolen In Britain British Thieves

Video: In England’s Essex County, a video of theft in a surprising way has come to the fore. The Essex Police itself shared this video of the theft on Twitter and informed about it. The police released the CCTV footage of the entire incident of theft, in which the thieves are clearly seen cleaning their hands on the luxury vehicles. Now the Essex County Police is busy nabbing the thieves.

5 luxury cars stolen one by one
Actually, the video released by the police is of 60 seconds, it can be clearly seen in the video that thieves are stealing 5 luxury cars one by one. After this big incident of theft, the people of the area are scared that there may be theft in their homes as well. The police are surprised by this theft because the incident is vicious, till now the police have not been able to find any clue.

Porsche, Mercedes, Maybach cars included
In the video shared by Essex County, it is clearly visible that the thieves are seen stealing a total of five cars including two Porsches, a Mercedes, a Maybach in less than a minute. After the theft, Cho was also seen running away very comfortably. While committing the crime, a thief is standing at the gate helping the cars to get out, he is holding the main gate and the rest of the thieves are breaking the cars one by one.

Sharing the video, England’s Essex County wrote that “We are currently investigating an incident where a number of luxury cars were stolen from a unit on Brentwood Road in Bulfaan on 11 November. Asked if you have seen anything suspicious? Please contact us.”

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