Elon Musk To Relaunch Twitter Blue Check Subscription On November 29

Twitter: Many fake Twitter accounts in America had acquired Blue Tick by paying $8. Troubled by this, Twitter had banned its Blue Tick subscription service. However, it is being started once again. Twitter owner Elon Musk has said that the suspended Twitter Blue Tick subscription will be resumed from November 29.

Musk gave information about this by tweeting. “Blue Verified is being relaunched until November 29 to make sure it’s rock solid,” he added. Actually, Elon Musk had talked about starting the Blue Tick subscriber service soon. Many fake Twitter accounts had earlier acquired the blue tick by paying $8 and after that fake tweets were posted from these accounts. Due to this, Twitter had ordered to stop the Blue Tick subscriber service.

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Musk had already indicated

Elon Musk had already indicated about this. He responded to a user’s tweet saying that Twitter Blue would probably be “back at the end of next week”, prompting speculation that the blue tick subscriber service might return soon, and it did. . From November 29, it will be started as before, but this time many things will be taken care of and precautions will be taken before giving the blue tick.

Musk has made many changes on Twitter

After coming to the command of Twitter in the hands of Elon Musk, he has made many changes. As soon as he got the ownership rights, he first showed the way out to many officials including the CEO of the company. After this, he also fired many employees. Then made Blue Tick on Twitter subscription based. Due to all such changes, he is getting embroiled in controversies.

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