Elon Musk Takeover Twitter Hate Speech Dramatically Surges New Research Shows | Elon Musk’s claims about Twitter exposed, there was a surge in hate speech cases

Hate Speech on Twitter: A claim by Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk has been exposed. A new research has revealed that ever since Elon Musk acquired Twitter, there has been a flood of hate speech on Twitter. At the same time, Musk claimed that there has been a huge reduction in hate speech on Twitter under his leadership. He had claimed only last month that there has been a significant reduction in hate tweets on the social media site.

Ever since Musk acquired Twitter, he has been trying to transform it. He formulated a new policy for Twitter, made large-scale layoffs in the company, and also changed the working system. There was a lot of criticism for all these works of his. Claiming that there has been a reduction in hate speech, he wrote that ‘hate speech impressions have reduced by one-third from the pre-spike level’. Congratulations to the Twitter team! However, his claim has now been exposed.

Elon Musk’s claims blown out

The report by the Center for Countering Digital Hate and the Anti-Defamation League debunked Elon Musk’s claims. The report states that since Musk acquired Twitter, hate-mongering posts on this social media platform have increased dramatically. The Center for Countering Digital Hate said in its report that hate speech on Twitter has tripled on average by 2022 under Musk’s leadership. The report said the use of slurs against gay men and trans persons increased by 58% and 62%, respectively.

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Concerns raised for Twitter

At the same time, the Anti-Defamation League said in its report that its data shows that antisemitic content has increased, while moderation of antisemitic posts has decreased. Both groups have expressed concern about what they are seeing on Twitter, one of the world’s most influential communication platforms. The Anti-Defamation League has recorded the worsening situation as disturbing. The special thing is that both these reports have come just a few hours after Kanye West’s Twitter account was suspended.

Musk’s claim on hate speech

Earlier, it was claimed by Elon Musk that there has been a decrease in hate speech. He also shared a graph related to it. It can be clearly seen in the graph posted by Musk that by October 20, 2022, the number of posts related to hate speech on Twitter had crossed one crore. After Musk took over the command of Twitter, there has been a huge decline in it. It can be seen in the post that by November 22, 2022, the number of posts related to hate speech has come down to around 25 lakhs.

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