Donald Trump Confirms He Will Not Return On Twitter Elon Musk | Donald Trump will not return to Twitter, said

Donald Trump On Twitter: The Twitter account of former US President Donald Trump has been restored. On Sunday, he publicly informed about this after a Twitter poll. Although now former President Trump is not interested in Twitter. He has flatly refused to use Twitter.

According to media reports, in a video conferencing after the account was restored, former President Trump said, “I have no reason to be on Twitter. I don’t see any reason for this. Twitter is now filled with bots and fake accounts.” The problems I faced were unbelievable.” However, in his statement he also praised Elon Musk, but clearly indicated that he will remain on Truth Social.”

Why was Donald Trump’s account banned?

Actually, there were riots in the US Capitol on 6 January 2021 and Donald Trump was held responsible for this to some extent. Investigation is also going on in America regarding his role in the riots. At the same time, he used to talk to his supporters mostly through Twitter and this was the reason that he was banned from the social networking platform just after the riots. Since then the former US President has been active on his social networking app Truth Social.

News Reels

Elon Musk has restored Donald Trump’s account after a Twitter poll, in which 48 percent of people asked ‘no’ to restore the account again. Musk has been very vocal about free speech and his move has been appreciated by many, while many people say that restoring Trump’s account is a wrong decision.

Elon Musk made many changes

Elon Musk has changed a lot as soon as he comes to Twitter. Last month, he acquired the company for US$ 44 billion and took a series of decisions that took everyone by surprise. Whether it is the removal of the company’s top management from the company or large-scale layoffs in Twitter. He also made many changes in the social media platform and many changes can be seen in the coming times. Musk is very serious about Twitter and has also said that Twitter will do many stupid things in the coming days and the things that work will be kept or else they will be changed.

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