Do Not Cross Red Line Says Xi Jinping To Joe Biden Know About Both Leaders Meeting In G20 Summit

Xi Jinping to Joe Biden: US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping met at the G20 Summit in Indonesia. In this meeting of China and America, the issue of Taiwan was being considered important. Now statements have come out from both sides regarding this issue. Chinese President Xi Jinping has said that America should not cross the ‘Lakshman Rekha’, while Joe Biden has said that Jinping has put peace in danger.

Joe Biden has his first personal meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping since becoming the President of the United States. This meeting has taken place at a time when the bilateral relations between the two countries are going through the worst phase. However, Biden and Jinping shook hands with each other while laughing. Jinping told Biden that the world was too big for the two countries to compete to prosper and warned not to cross the red line.

What did Jinping say to Biden?

In a statement issued by Beijing’s foreign ministry, Xi told Biden during a three-hour conversation in Bali, Indonesia, “In the current circumstances, China and the United States share almost common interests with each other.” Xi reportedly said Beijing does not seek to challenge the US or change the current international order, calling on both sides to respect each other.

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But Xi has also warned Biden to cross Beijing’s Red Line regarding Taiwan, which the Chinese government considers its territory. As far as Taiwan is concerned, it is in the core interests of China. Taiwan’s solution is only for the people of China.

There was also a discussion between the two leaders regarding the Ukraine war

Apart from all these things, the two leaders also discussed the Ukraine war. Both leaders expressed their concern about the war. Jinping said that China has always been in favor of peace and will continue to encourage peace talks. We support the resumption of peace talks between Russia and Ukraine. So there Biden said that a nuclear war should never be fought, it can never be won. He also outlined the use or threat of nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

What did Biden say to Jinping?

So there, Joe Biden told Xi Jinping that Washington will continue to compete vigorously with China, but this competition should not turn into a conflict. Biden objected to China’s aggressive and increasingly aggressive action towards Taiwan, the White House said after three hours of talks aimed at avoiding conflict between rival superpowers. Along with this, he also expressed concern about North Korea’s missile test and said that the world should encourage North Korea to act responsibly.

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