Did Birds In Turkey Know That Earthquake Was About To Strike Watch This Video

Turkey Earthquake Video: In 4 countries (Lebanon, Syria and Israel) including Turkey in West Asia, an earthquake caused havoc on Monday morning. Thousands of people were buried under the debris of the buildings that were razed to the ground due to the 7.8 magnitude earthquake. So far more than 2 thousand deaths have taken place, out of which more than one thousand people have died in Turkey alone. The death of 1498 people has been confirmed here.

After this devastating disaster, many types of discussions started happening among the people on social media. Some people started sharing a tweet by Dutch scientist Frank Hogerbeets on February 3, in which he predicted an earthquake. He wrote in his tweet – A 7.5 magnitude earthquake may occur in South Central Turkey, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. The information given by him proved to be true.

video before earthquake

Similarly, a video of Turkey has been tweeted on OsintTV, a channel related to Geopolitics Security. The noise of birds can be heard and seen in this video. It has been told about the video that this video is before the devastating earthquake in Turkey, which has been shared with the claim that the birds were aware of this disaster. The tweet said, “Strange behavior was observed in birds just before the earthquake in Turkey.” Many users commented on this – It is like this… The birds had the apprehension of the coming of this disaster.

On watching this video, it is known that it is at night, and the earthquake in Turkey also happened in the early hours. The first earthquake was of 7.8 magnitude. After that there was another earthquake, whose intensity was said to be 7.6. Turkey suffered the most due to this. The death of 1498 people has been confirmed here. Many countries of the world including India and America have assured to send relief to Turkey as soon as possible. 805 people have died in Syria.

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