Denmark Reports Zero Bank Robberies For The First Time

Bank Robbery: Robbery or robbery in the bank is common in almost all the countries. In India, news related to bank robbery is often heard, but last year Denmark made a new record. It is being claimed that in 2022 there was not a single incident of bank robbery or robbery.

The Bank Union of Denmark claims that the last one year in the country has been very relaxing for the bank employees. There was not a single incident of bank robbery or robbery in the country. The decreasing circulation of cash in Denmark is considered to be a major reason for the non-occurrence of bank robbery.

Along with this, credit is also being given to the working style of the police. According to the experts, the effort of the government here is to promote cashless facility. Along with this, it is being claimed that due to the high quality cameras installed outside the bank, such incidents have not been seen.

Bank employees are upset

According to a report in The Guardian, Stein Olsen, vice chairman of the Danish finance workers’ union Finance for Bundet, told that the absence of such incidents was very pleasant for us. Employees live in panic due to the incident of bank robbery, as well as their mental condition is also very negatively affected. This record will create a positive atmosphere for us.

According to a report by the central bank of Denmark, in 2017, 25 percent of the country’s people used cash for payment. After five years in 2022, this figure has come down to less than 10 percent. Similarly, talking about criminal statistics, in the year 2000, a total of 221 cases of bank robbery were reported. By 2017, this figure of crime in the bank had come down to 10. In such a situation, the police department has also heaved a sigh of relief as not a single case of dacoity or loot was registered in the last year.

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