Cyclone Gabrielle Alert In New Zealand: North Island 58000 Homes Lost Electricity, Lakh People Left Without Power

Cyclone Gabrielle Alert: A sea storm can wreak havoc in New Zealand, a country located to the south of the continent of Australia. Before the arrival of the storm, several feet high waves are rising here and it is raining heavily. The New Zealand government has issued an alert for Cyclone Gabrielle.

Fearing the arrival of Cyclone Gabriel, more than 500 flights have been canceled. The Meteorological Department of New Zealand said that on Monday, winds are blowing at a speed of 250 kilometers per hour in the northern areas of the country. On behalf of the department, it was said that the wind speed in Auckland city of New Zealand is currently 110 kilometers per hour. At the same time, power supply has come to a standstill in about 58 thousand houses in the northern areas.

Next 24 hours are important regarding the storm

Lakhs of people are in the dark due to stoppage of power supply. At the same time, due to the rapid rise in the sea level, the people of the coastal areas are more worried. It was told by the New Zealand Meteorological Department that Hurricane Gabriel is just knocking, it can only be speculated about how deadly it will prove to be. Officials said that electric poles, roads and trees have been damaged at many places. The next 24 hours are important regarding the storm.

People advised not to come out of homes

People have been advised not to leave their homes by the Meteorological Department of New Zealand. Please tell that New Zealand is an island country, surrounded by sea. It has many small islands. Cyclones come here several times a year. The houses here are made light so that the loss of life and property is reduced in the event of a fall.

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