COVID 19 Variant XBB15 Surged To 40 Percent America, Most Terrifying Than Old Virus Claims US Virologist

Omicron Sub-Variant XBB15: The process of deaths due to BF.7 variant of Coronavirus has not stopped in China. Meanwhile, a new variant has been described as the courier of havoc caused by Corona. The target of this Corona courier is – America (United States). Renowned virologist Eric Feigl-Ding claimed the spread of the new Covid variant XBB15 in a series of tweets.

American virologist Eric Ding said, “The new variant of Corona (Covid-19) XBB15 in America can become a new cause of devastation.” BQ1 is spreading 120 percent faster than the variant.

‘New variants can wreak havoc in America-UK’

According to Eric Ding, in the UK, the cases of infection of XBB15 variant reached from 0 percent to 4.3 percent in a single week. Which will reach the number of ten next week. According to him, this speed is a signal of a big crisis for both America and Britain.

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Eric Ding was associated with Harvard for 16 years

Please tell that virologist Eric Ding is a health economist. He is also knowledgeable about epidemic matters. He has been associated with Harvard University for a long time. Early warnings of diseases are shared as health alerts on his Twitter handle. He has lived in America, so he is considered an American virologist. However, their origin is said to be of East Asia. American health experts have become worried after his claim of spreading the XBB15 variant.

Health experts are expressing concern by sharing the tweets made on Eric Ding’s Twitter handle and are warning about the new threat of Corona in America.

More than 40% of fresh infection cases are of new variants

The XBB15 variant of coronavirus is very deadly, this claim has also been made by Diana Berrent Guthe, founder of ‘Survivor Corps’ magazine.

Earlier, it was also revealed in the data of America’s ‘US Center for Disease Control and Prevention’ that more than 40 percent of the new cases of corona infection in America are of Omicron XBB.15 variant. Due to this variant, there is again a rush of patients in the hospitals of America.

The most dangerous is the XBB15 variant!

Dr. Michael Osterholm, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Minnesota, has also admitted that XBB15 is the most dangerous of all the variants of the corona virus that exist at this time.

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