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Countries Which Offer Free Education: Education is something that everyone wants to have. Every parent wants to give the best education to their children and want them to study in the best school. Till 10th and 12th class, even the middle class people somehow manage to provide good education to their children, but when it comes to higher education, many families give up in front of the expensive fees and want to give quality higher education to their children. Can’t provide education. They feel short of money. This is the reason that from time to time the issue of expensive higher education arises in India, but do you know that there are some countries in the world where every education is given free of cost or a nominal fee is charged. Let us know about some such countries, where education is free or the fees are very less.

1. Sweden: Higher education is free here but this facility is only for the European Union / European Economic Area and permanent resident students of Sweden. The special thing here is that even for the students of other countries, the tuition fee is very less. On the other hand, if it is a matter of PhD, then its studies are free for the students of any country here.

2. Germany: Every type of education is free in Germany, whether it is at junior level or higher education. The facility of free education is not only for German citizens but also for students of other countries. No tuition fee is charged here. According to a report, there are about 300 government universities in Germany which teach more than 1,000 study programs for free.

3. Austria: Here all kinds of education is free for the students. However, after the completion of higher education, students wishing to pursue further studies have to pay a fee of 300 Euros per semester.

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4. Norway: This country is also known for free education. The most important thing is that the system of free education is not only for local students but also for foreign children. According to media reports, education up to graduation, post graduation and doctorate is absolutely free in Norway. However, knowledge of Norwegian language is necessary for this free facility. For some courses, students from other countries have to pay 30 to 60 Euro per semester but this is not for studies. This fee is taken for the students union. In return, students get the facility of health, counselling, sports activities and camps.

5. Spain: Spain is also a very famous country in terms of free education. Here also there is facility of free education for the students. The Spanish government pays 80 percent of the tuition fees on its behalf. This makes studying in college almost free. Not only this, students from other countries can also study in this university by paying a fee of one thousand dollars annually.

6. Italy: Here too many courses are taught for free while some courses are taught at very low fees. The same rule applies to foreign students as well. Italy easily provides loans, grants, scholarships and fee waivers to students for studies.

7. Finland: It is famous not only for tourist destination but also for free education. Here also students get the facility of free education. There is no fee for Bachelors and Masters studies here. Not only this, PhD studies are also free in Finland. Apart from this, the government also gives some financial help to PhD students. Students from other countries can also take advantage of these facilities for free, but for this they have to do a course in Swedish or Finnish language only.

8. France: Here also education up to post graduation level is free in government universities. In some universities, tuition fees are taken from the students, but that too only nominally. Education is not free for foreign students but there is a lot of concession in fees for them, which makes studying here very affordable.

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