Chinese Youths Are Infecting Themselves With Corona Update In China

China Coronavirus: Another big news has come to the fore amidst the outcry of Corona in China. According to media reports, the youth here are deliberately infecting themselves with corona. Actually, there is a large population of China which has not got the vaccine at all. In such a situation, now many youths in China believe that if they get infected once, then antibodies will be formed in them, due to which they will be protected from infection again. That is why they are infecting themselves.

According to a media report, a 27-year-old computer coder in Shanghai told that he exposed himself to the virus because he believed that he would recover from it and then not be corona positive during his vacation. Coder said that he has not got the vaccine. Due to Corona, he does not want to change his plan. He said that once infected, he would recover soon and would not get infected again.

Woman went to meet Kovid positive friend

A 26-year-old woman from Shanghai told the BBC that she had gone to meet her friend who is Covid positive so that she might get infected. He told that it took a long time for his recovery and it was difficult to recover. He said it was like having a cold but much more dangerous.

fear of corona is decreasing among people

Along with this, a 29-year-old woman living in Jiaxing in northern Zhejiang province told that she is happy with the opening of the border. She says that she wants to travel to other areas of China once again. She said that she is not afraid of Corona but does not want everyone to fall sick at the same time.

Corona situation in China

The situation due to Corona virus in China is dire. There is neither space in hospitals nor in crematoriums. According to the weekly report of the World Health Organization (WHO), there has been an increase of about 50 percent in new cases of corona in China in a week. The report states that between 26 December and 1 January, more than 2.18 lakh new cases of corona have been reported.

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