Chinese Sperm Donation Clinics Appealing From University Student To Donate Sperm

China Sperm Donation: To counter the falling birth rate in China, an appeal is being made to the people there to donate sperm. For this, students studying in the university are being encouraged for sperm donation as a means of earning money. Several sperm donation clinics across China, including Beijing and Shanghai, have recently made this appeal to students.

The appeal to donate sperm has become a trending topic across the country on China’s Twitter-like social media platform Weibo. Where users are discussing this issue. State media reports have claimed that this week the trend on this topic has been viewed more than 240 million times.

Yunnan Human Sperm Bank

The Human Sperm Bank of southwest Yunnan is among the first to appeal for sperm donation to university students in China. This was first done on 2 February. Announcing the start of the sperm donation process, the terms of registration and subsidy have also been included. Apart from this, other sperm banks in other provinces and cities of China have also made similar appeals.

public interest

Sperm banks in China have published appeals for donations in the northwestern Shanxi province. The public was interested in this matter and the atmosphere is also warm because in 2022 a decrease in the population of China was recorded. State-run tabloid, Global Times said in a report on Friday (February 10) that the first decline in six decades was recorded. According to the Sperm Bank of Yunnan, donors must be between 20 and 40, must be taller than 165 cm, must not have any infectious or genetic diseases, and must have a degree.

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