Chinese President Xi Jinping Govt Announcement In Covid To Open Tourism Sector From 8 January ANN

China Covid: In the midst of the uncontrollable Corona infection spreading in China, the Xi Jinping government on Wednesday (December 28) announced to completely open the doors for movement. In this, where China is going to give concessions in the quarantine rules for the passengers coming from January 8, it is also starting concessions for the Chinese citizens going outside the country.

That is, when the corona infection is spreading in China, at the same time it has not only been decided to remove travel restrictions, but routes are also being opened for tourists. According to reports, the first effect of this decision of the Chinese government was seen on China’s biggest travel website,, where Chinese citizens started booking tickets wildly. In the initial hours of the announcement, the top destination searches were for Macau, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan and South Korea.

250 percent increase in ticket booking
According to the local media, the figures for booking tickets outside the country also increased by more than 250 percent. Actually, due to the new concessions, the biggest convenience has been given to the Chinese citizens who are fond of traveling. Because, now it will not only be possible to go out of the country, but it will also be possible to come back home without quarantine rules. This is the reason why in this season of annual holidays, now the people of China are booking indiscriminately.

Obviously, in such a situation, the reasons for taking precaution for other countries increase. Especially in more than 35 countries where Chinese citizens can travel visa free. Also in those 20 countries where e-visa facility is available for citizens of China. Experts believe that the corona spread rapidly in 2019, when China delayed telling the truth about human infection of this disease and during this time kept the doors of movement in its country open. Italy, which invited the maximum number of tourists from China in 2019, had to face a dire situation.

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this pandemic is not over yet
Although China’s Foreign Ministry says that this epidemic is not over yet. China’s response will be governed by scientific grounds. The relaxation given in the rules of movement will be implemented in phases. After the start of the Corona epidemic from Wuhan, China had banned movement for the last 3 years. But due to the removal of restrictions in other countries of the world and the continuation of the strictness of the Zero Kovid policy in their country, the anger of the Chinese was increasing.

Recently, in the FIFA World Cup held in Qatar, when the people of China saw people who had arrived from many countries around the world dancing without masks in the stadium, their anger erupted. This anger came out in the form of demonstrations in many cities of China. Only after this, the Xi Jinping government had to take a decision to remove the strictness of the Zero Covid policy. Its effect has come to the fore in the form of fresh corona explosion in China.

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