Chinese Citizens Clash With Covid Workers Zero Covid Policy Is Hard To Balance For China

China Covid Ban: Residents of Eastern China’s Shandong province clashed with Kovid-19 officials on Monday (November 7). Because of this, seven Kovid-19 workers appointed by the government were arrested in Lini city of Shandong. It is alleged that those workers beat up those who were protesting against the stringent Kovid-control measures in their area. The Lini police said, “they will take strong measures against those who “illegally violated the legal rights of citizens to personal protection”. In fact, the new corona infections have caused uproar across the country.

China’s “Zero-Covid” Policy

Reactions are coming from all over the country on China’s “Zero-Covid” policy. Recently, the case of the death of a three-year-old child from China came to light. He died of poisonous carbon monoxide gas during the Kovid ban. Due to the ban, he could not get treatment on time. It has become difficult for the Chinese government to balance together its “zero-Covid” strategy, people’s complaints against the lockdown-related ban and the recent case.

The National Health Commission (NHC) said on Tuesday, 7,475 cases of corona were reported on November 7, which was 5,496 just the day before. Which was equal to the highest number of cases that came on May 1 this year.

South Guangdong Province Affairs

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Guangzhou, the capital of southern Guangdong province, reported 2,377 new cases on Monday, up from 1,971 on Sunday the previous day. The total population of Guangzhou is more than 18 million. Mass tests were started in nine districts of Guangzhou city on Tuesday. The Kovid officials are preparing to fight the deteriorating situation due to Kovid.

1,000 more cases every day in Hong Kong

Officials in South China based in Hong Kong said, “Guangzhou has been reporting more than 1,000 cases every day for the past two weeks. Omicron BA 5.2 is seeing a spurt in corona cases.” On the other hand, more than 1,000 infections were reported in Inner Mongolia, more than 600 cases were also reported from Xinjiang in northwest China. Several primary schools in Beijing have gone online after a few hundred cases were reported in the past few days. Many communities in the city have been sealed due to the lockdown.

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