China Warned American Not Interfere In India China Relations Of Border Dispute | ‘Don’t interfere in our relations with India’

China-India Relations: Once again a situation of tension seems to be forming between China and America. This time China has issued a warning to America not to interfere in its relations with India. Regarding this, China has warned American officials not to interfere in the border dispute. The Pentagon, the headquarters of the US Defense Department, has given this information in a report presented in the Congress.

It has also been said in this report that the Republic of China (PRC) wants to reduce the tension so that India and America do not come closer. This is the reason why he does not like the interference of America. China’s intention is to establish stability on the border and avoid damage to other areas of its bilateral relationship with India due to the standoff. People’s Republic of China officials have warned US officials not to interfere in PRC’s relations with India.

‘Both countries are demanding withdrawal of other military force’

In the Pentagon report, the US accused China that during 2021 the PLA maintained the deployment of military forces in a section along the China-India border and continued to build infrastructure near the LAC. It has been said in the report that there was minimal progress in the talks between the two countries (China-India) as both the sides have been opposing the move from their respective positions on the border. Both India and China are demanding the withdrawal of the other military force and due to this a situation like confrontation has arisen, but neither China nor India has agreed to these terms.

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