China Trained Squirrels To Detect Drugs In Airport Join Police Force

China Squirrels Join Police Force: A city in China is training squirrels to smell drugs. Squirrels have been trained to sniff out drugs at railway stations, airports, warehouses and border check points. A squad of drug-sniffing squirrels are set to join China’s police force.

According to The Independent’s report, it is the first time for a police unit in Southwest China that the nimble creatures known for their strong smelling power will join the drugs department. Global Times said in a report that the first group of trend squirrels in China to detect drugs will be deployed in Chongqing Municipality of Southwest China.

Recognition from Scientific Research Institute

The report states that six Eurasian red squirrels have been included as anti-drug animals, which have been recognized by the Relevant Scientific Research Institute for their drug-detecting abilities. According to a report quoting The Global Times, Yin Jin, a handler of the police dog brigade of the Hechuan Public Security Bureau in Chongqing, said that squirrels have a very good sense of smell. However, it is less easy for us to train rats for drug discovery first.

Due to being small

The squirrels were specifically chosen because they were too small for the dogs to reach. With difficult environments full of packages and tight corners, squirrels are good at sniffing out drugs and related illegal substances. Yin Jin told a local news outlet that the squirrels have done a great job in the practice of detecting drugs so far. Trending the squad was the culmination of years of research and said that these squirrels have a stronger sense of smell.

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