China Threatened Pakistan Chinese Foreign Minister’s Worried About Chinese People Call Shahbaz Government Bluntly

China threatened Pakistan: New foreign ministers have been appointed in China a few days back. Now he has threatened ‘friend Pakistan’. China’s new Foreign Minister Chin Gang held his first phone conversation with Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. During this, he said that Beijing is concerned about the safety of its citizens working in Pakistan and therefore strong steps should be taken.

A statement has been given by the Foreign Ministry of China regarding this entire conversation. Noting the traditional special relationship between the two countries and expressing China’s desire to further improve relations, Chin stressed that the Chinese New Year is about to start in a few days, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said. The Chinese side is deeply concerned about the safety of its citizens in Pakistan and hopes that the Pakistani side will continue to take strong security measures.

Qin Gang has become the new foreign minister
China has appointed its ambassador to the US, Qin Gang, as the new foreign minister, who will replace Wang Yi. Qin Gang is a member of the Political Bureau and State Councilor of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. Qin Gang greatly impressed everyone during his tenure in America.

Significantly, Qin Gang has been made Foreign Minister at a time when China is being targeted worldwide due to its aggressive foreign policy. India-China border dispute is in headlines in recent days. Prior to this, Qin Gang was serving as the Chinese Ambassador to America.

Let us tell you about Qin Gang

Qin Gang’s 17-month tenure as ambassador to the US was witness to growing tensions between the world’s two largest economies.
Qin was first the spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs and later reached the post of Deputy Minister. He has been closely associated with Xi Jinping over the past 10 years and accompanied him on all of Xi’s foreign tours.
When Qin Gang reached Washington in the year 2021, he had access to very few American officials. Despite repeated requests, American officials hesitated to meet him.
After spending more than five hundred days in America, Qin Gang has praised America and Americans.
In the year 2021, Qin Gang took over the post of China’s ambassador to America when both the countries were in a very challenging situation.
During his tenure, Gang visited 22 US states, government agencies, Congress, think tanks, factories, ports, farms, schools and playgrounds and befriended many Americans.
Qin Gang tweeted that I will continue to care for and support the development of China-US relations, encourage dialogue, mutual understanding and intimacy between the peoples of the two countries.
Experts say that Qin is not a new face in China. Considered one of the loudest voices in China’s foreign ministry, Qin started showing softness in his stand as soon as he reached America.

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