China Suspends Issuing Ordinary Visas To Japan And South Korean Citizens

Covid Agianst China: China has retaliated strongly against the countries that imposed restrictions on its citizens due to Kovid-19. Countries which have imposed restrictions on its citizens due to Kovid, it is preparing to take the same step on them too. In this connection, China on Tuesday (January 10) canceled some visas of citizens of South Korea and Japan.

According to the news AJC Reuters, China’s embassy in Seoul issued a statement saying that it is stopping issuing short-term visas for South Korea’s visit, business, tourism, medical care, transit and personal matters with immediate effect. His step has been taken after the ban on Chinese citizens of South Korea.

What did China’s foreign ministry say?
A few hours later, the Chinese Embassy in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, issues a similar rule regarding Japanese citizens. The Chinese Embassy in Japan said that the Chinese Embassy and Consulate in Japan is going to suspend normal visas for Japanese citizens wishing to visit China.

During a regular press conference on Tuesday, China’s Foreign Ministry said that some countries have outright rejected science, facts and their country’s actual epidemic situation. That’s why China will also respond to it in their own language and rejects their sanctions outright.

What is China’s policy to deal with Kovid?
China has started measures to deal with Kovid considering it as Class B infection in its country. Meanwhile, he has opened the borders of his country, which were closed for three years, for the common citizens. Many countries have welcomed this move of China, while some countries have imposed some restrictions on the citizens of China.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said that he expects his fellow countries that the measures taken by them regarding Kovid should be fact-based, science-based and applicable to all. He further said that it should not be used for politics.

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