China Spy Balloon: UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace Said I Would Shoot Down Chinese Balloon

China Balloon News: China’s spy balloon is being discussed worldwide. Recently, America had shot down a huge balloon seen above it. American defense officials say that China spies on other countries by sending large balloons several kilometers high in the sky. On this, the British Defense Minister has said that if a Chinese spy balloon enters Britain, it will be shot down in the blink of an eye.

Strong reaction from Rishi Sunak’s minister

The Defense Minister in Britain is Ben Wallace. Speaking to The Sun News, Ben Wallace said he would recommend shooting down any Chinese spy balloons flying over the UK.

Wallace said, “Is it possible that there is a Chinese satellite orbiting Britain and watching us? I think so too.” He said that if we see any suspicious object, we will kill it.

America shot down a Chinese balloon

Earlier on February 5, the US had shot down a Chinese balloon in the sea near South Carolina. America had claimed that China was spying on sensitive places through this balloon. However, after its balloon was shot down, China called this move of America unnecessary and provocative. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement that we are free to protect our interests.

An American expert said that China has also spied on India and Japan through high altitude balloons. He probably “spyed” on Britain too. This comment by the American expert came a few days after the huge balloon seen on 5 February. Apart from this, another balloon was also seen over Latin America, then America said that many more balloons would also have been sent from China for surveillance.

The British Defense Minister said, “We know that these balloons are part of the (China’s) balloon fleet designed to conduct surveillance operations. Therefore, I would recommend that if they are seen over Britain, they should be shot down.” “

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