China Protest Xi Jinping Reduced Restrictions In Many Cities Including Beijing Read 10 Points

China Protest Amid Coronavirus: The outbreak of corona virus is increasing rapidly in China. As the cases of corona virus increased, the government strictly implemented the zero covid policy in many parts of the country, after which the patience of the Chinese citizens was broken. Citizens, who have been facing lockdown and covid restrictions for a long time, have now raised the flag against the Xi Jinping government.

The fire of protests has spread in all parts of the country. The situation also seems to be getting out of control. At the same time, the government has also reduced the restrictions in many cities. The present situation and what has happened till now, understand here in just 10 points-

  • Protests started in China only after a fire broke out in a building in Urumqi, China. Actually, 10 people died due to fire in the building. Citizens alleged that the people trapped in the building did not get the benefit of emergency services in time due to the lockdown and that is why so many people died.
  • After this accident in Urumqi, the anger among the people increased rapidly. From here the fire of protests spread to all parts of the country. Protests started at many places from Friday night itself and the situation went out of control. From Shanghai to Beijing, people took to the streets and anti-lockdown rallies were organized.
  • The fire of protest in China increased so much that there were reports of violence in many places. The temperature of the weather in China is definitely going down, but the anger of the people has now boiled over. In Shanghai, on the intervening night of Saturday and Sunday, protesters got to see scuffles between the police at many places. The police also detained hundreds of people.
  • Many videos showing protests in China are also continuously going viral on social media. Chinese citizens are now not only holding the authorities responsible for the situation, but are also raising their voice against President Xi Jinping. Slogans are being raised against Xi Jinping in almost every rally.
  • Slogans against Xi Jinping were also raised in Shanghai, Beijing and Wuhan in China on Saturday. Citizens said, “Chinese Communist Party step down and Xi Jinping step down.” The echo of these slogans is being heard all over China. However, the Chinese government is resorting to the police to suppress the voice of protest and the protesters are also being arrested.
  • Chinese police is not only detaining protesters but also journalists. An alleged video of a BBC journalist went viral on social media on Sunday night. In which some policemen are seen beating him. BBC told that their journalist was kept in custody by the police for several hours and also assaulted him.
  • After BBC’s allegations and media reports, China’s statement also came out on this incident. The Chinese authorities said that when the BBC reporter was detained, he did not identify himself as a ‘journalist’.
  • America’s statement has also come to the fore on the ongoing protests in China. The White House said, “People have the right to demonstrate peacefully, be it in any corner of the world or in America. Now the chances of ‘Zero Kovid Policy’ working in China are less.”
  • It is worth mentioning that police are seen patrolling in Shanghai and Beijing on Tuesday morning as well. In fact, some groups have sent messages through Telegram to people to gather again. Citizens say that the police are stopping them and asking if they have Telegram app and virtual private network on their phones. Be aware that VPN is illegal for most people in China, while the Telegram app is blocked from China’s internet.
  • Due to the protests, the Chinese government is now seen on the backfoot. Some Covid restrictions were relaxed in Urumqi, China on Monday. With this, the Chinese government says that the Zero Covid policy will remain in force, but now it will also be relaxed. Roads leading to apartments in Beijing will no longer be blocked. At the same time, relaxation has also been given in the rules of mass testing in Guangzhou. Many areas have also been opened in the Uygar-dominated province of Xinjiang.

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