China On Kabul Blast: ‘We hope…’, what did China say after the bomb blast in Kabul?

China Condemns Kabul Bomb Blast: A bomb blast took place in Afghanistan on Wednesday (January 11) outside the Foreign Ministry located in the capital Kabul. In this blast, 5 people died and 40 people were injured. Khalid Zadran, spokesman for the Taliban’s security agency, tweeted about the attack. 

Bombings have become common in Taliban-led Afghanistan. In the same month, in January, there was a bomb blast at the airport of Kabul. About 10 people were killed in that blast. The attack took place near the main gate of the military airport, in which many people were also injured. ISIS-K claimed responsibility for the attack. 

Reaction from China
On Thursday (January 12), China reacted to the bomb blast on Wednesday. China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said, “We strongly condemn the Kabul attack. We hope that the Afghan government can protect citizens of all countries, including Chinese citizens.” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin was reportedly addressing a Chinese delegation. When asked about the Kabul blast  They said, "As far as we know, many people have been killed and injured in this terrorist attack."

Last month Chinese citizens were injured
There was a bomb blast in Kabul last month (December 2022). The attack took place in a Chinese hotel, in which 5 Chinese citizens were injured. The responsibility of this attack was also taken by ISIS. It was said on behalf of the terrorist organization that the target was only Chinese citizens. Two people of the organization had attacked. China had expressed concern about this.

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