China Lockdown Protest Clashes Erupted Between Demonstrators Police In Shanghai Video | Fire of protest intensifies in China, clashes between police and protesters at many places

China Lockdown Protest: Citizens have started taking to the streets against the Corona restrictions in China. It has been two days since the protests started against the lockdown and reports of violence have also started surfacing from many provinces of the country. A video of the clash between the police and the protesters has also surfaced. It can be seen in the video that hundreds of people are protesting during the night and during that time they clash with the police. Police is also seen dragging the protesters on the road.

According to Reuters, hundreds of people have been taken into police custody so far during the protests that started in China against the zero covid policy. News agency Reuters has posted a video of the clash. In the video, protesters can be seen singing the national anthem as they gather on the streets of Shanghai. To disperse the protesters, the police resort to force and take them away from the protest site. Some were also detained from here, who were later released.

The protesters raised slogans against the police

Media reports claim the protesters were shouting “Leave them!” It can be seen in the video that police officers are brutally dragging people. Let us tell you that a heavy police force has been deployed on Shanghai’s Wulumuki Road, because it was from here that the candle march started on Saturday, which has now taken the form of violent protests.

News Reels

BBC journalist accused of assault

The Shanghai police have also been accused of assaulting a BBC journalist. A video of this is also going viral on social media, in which police officers are seen dragging the journalist. BBC has claimed that their journalist was detained and assaulted for shooting the protests. However, the journalist was released after being detained for several hours.

Demonstration against zero covid policy

At this time, the situation in China seems to be getting out of control. On one hand the cases of corona are increasing rapidly in the country and on the other hand the anger of the people against the zero covid policy is also increasing. Citizens allege that people are losing their lives due to the strict lockdown imposed by the government. Recently, a building caught fire in Urumqi, in which 10 people died. Citizens had said that due to the lockdown, emergency services did not come on time, due to which people lost their lives.

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