China Lockdown Anger Erupted Over Corona Lockdown People Took To The Streets From Lhasa To Xinjiang

China Lockdown: People’s patience has started breaking against the strict lockdown imposed due to Corona in China. In the city of Guangzhou in southern China, people broke this lockdown of Corona and came out of their homes and clashed with the deployed police, during which they also clashed with the police. According to BBC news, in several video footage of Guangzhou, people are seen vandalizing police vehicles, some people are also breaking the barrier installed for Covid control.

After the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, strict restrictions have been imposed in many cities including Guangzhou in China. There is a decline in the economy there, so there is a lot of pressure regarding the country’s ‘Zero Covid’ policy. Especially in the Haiju district of Guangzhou city, there is a lot of tension. Here people have been asked to stay indoors. Please tell that a large number of migrant laborers live in this city. These workers say that if they are not able to reach work due to the restrictions, then their salary is stopped.

People are troubled by strict lockdown rules

Due to the strict lockdown, people are facing a lot of problems. Everyday things have become expensive. People say that due to these strict steps taken to control Kovid, they are facing a lot of problems. For the last several nights, the workers in the city were having a clash with the officials involved in the prevention of Covid, but on Monday night their anger became uncontrollable and there was a clash between the police and the public.

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Rumors of rigging in Kovid investigation

At the same time, it is also being reported that many rumors are also spread in China regarding Kovid. There are also reports coming from there that the companies conducting the Covid test are exaggerating the corona infection in the results. It is believed that the testing companies are trying to promote the necessity of the test. So that they will get a chance to earn maximum money in lieu of investigation.

Officials in Hebei province said that large-scale public testing will take place in Shijiazhuang here. But these speculations have gained air that the government will try to know through this that what can happen if this virus is allowed to spread. Frightened by this situation, people have started hoarding medicines. It is being said that the supply of things in the city has almost come to a standstill. Two weeks ago, a large number of people created a ruckus in the Foxconn factory premises.

Efforts continue to balance the economy

Provincial governments in all areas of China are trying not to harm the economy due to the zero covid policy. Governments are trying to strike a balance between zero covid policy and economy. Recent figures of factory production and retail sales show that the corona infection has had a huge impact on industrial production. Therefore, the government will have to take immediate steps to improve the situation.

In recent times, there is no news of complete eradication of Covid from any state. Two crore people are living in a kind of lockdown in Chongqing city. People are calling it ‘Voluntary Static Management’. Because no formal announcement has been made regarding the Corona lockdown. The communities living there themselves have asked people to stay indoors.

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