China IPhone Unrest: Foxconn’s China Plant Troubles Mount As Over 20,000 New Hires Quit

Foxconn InTrouble: The controversy related to Foxconn factory, the world’s largest manufacturer of Apple iPhone, located in China, is increasing. In the latest case, more than 20,000 employees have left the Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou, Henan province of China. Most of these employees were new, who were not currently working on the production line. A source associated with Foxconn gave this information to the news agency Reuters on Friday.

Foxconn’s difficulties have increased due to such a large number of employees leaving the plant. The person giving the information has told that this has made it difficult to achieve the company’s target of iPhone production by the end of November. For the past few weeks, employees of this Foxconn factory have been angry about the company’s policies. The Foxconn company has officially refused to give a statement on this whole controversy.

Employees are angry with the strict attitude of the company

Taiwanese company Foxconn on Thursday offered to pay 10,000 yuan (yuan) i.e. $ 1,396 to the employees who resigned. After that these employees left the plant in anger. The company had apologized to the newly appointed employees for the technical mistake related to salary and asked these employees to resign. Although the employees say that the reason behind this attitude of the company is the violent clash between the workers and the policemen in the past. A crowd is visible in the video going viral on Chinese social media today. People are standing in long queues for buses with their belongings. One of these people is saying that it is time to go home.

News Reels

On Wednesday, the news of the dispute related to the workers was in the headlines all over the world. On that day, many videos of the performance of Foxconn factory workers became increasingly viral on social media. In the viral video on social media, it was seen that dozens of employees are demonstrating on the road and raising slogans. Anti-riot police were also seen stationed there. There was a clash between the employees and the policemen. There was resentment among these factory workers over the strict Covid restrictions and non-payment of salaries. There was also panic among these employees due to the rapid spread of corona infection.

Company claims, there is no effect on production

Meanwhile, another Foxconn person related to these matters has told the news agency Reuters that some new employees have left the plant’s campus. He refused to give information about the number of employees who have gone. This source also says that the current production has not been affected due to the departure of the employees. He says that the new employees were not yet involved in the production work as they were yet to be trained.

After implementing measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 in October, the Foxconn company launched a hiring drive in early November, promising bonuses and higher salaries. However, due to the strict Covid rules, the employees started feeling isolated and angry with the condition of the plant, many employees chose the path of migration.

Foxconn plant is famous as iPhone City

This factory of Foxconn located in central China is also known as iPhone City. More than 2 lakh employees work here. The world’s largest number of iPhones is assembled in this factory. Strict lockdown has been imposed in Zhengzhou area since several cases of Kovid-19 were reported. Employees in the Foxconn factory are also forced to work amid these restrictions.

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