China Has Sent Spy Balloons To Military Bases Of Many Countries Shocking Claim Of America

America on China’s Spy Balloon: Every day new things are coming to the fore regarding China’s ‘spy balloon’. Now US officials have claimed that China’s Spy Balloon Program is part of a global surveillance effort designed to collect information about the military capabilities of various countries.

Some officials believe that China is collecting details of American military capability from spy balloons. US officials also said that the spy balloon program is operated from many places in China.

Pentagon spokesman, Brigadier General Patrick S. Ryder said in a press conference on Wednesday (8 February) that in the last several years Chinese balloons have been seen in Latin America, South America, Southeast Asia, East Asia and Europe. General Ryder said, ‘I believe that the Chinese surveillance balloons are part of a larger program.’

‘Details of Chinese spy balloon shared with dozens of countries’

US Secretary of State Antony J Blinken said at another news conference in Washington that the State Department has shared details of China’s spy balloon program with dozens of countries in Washington and through US embassies abroad. He said, ‘We are doing this because America was not the only target of this massive program. It has violated the sovereignty of the countries of five continents.

‘These balloons have many advantages’

According to media reports, US officials say that these surveillance balloons have many advantages over satellites orbiting the Earth in a regular pattern. They fly close to the earth and drift with the wind patterns and can also evade radar. These spy balloons can take clearer pictures than satellites.

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