China Fourth Generation Tank: China made the world’s most powerful tank! The attack will not have any effect, the strength seen in the leaked video

China Fourth Generation Tank: India’s neighboring country China (China) has developed the next generation tank. Tank is very dangerous. Bullets have no effect on this. A video related to this has also come. There is active protection system feed in this tank, which is being tested. In this video it is shown how the modern war tank thwarted the enemy attack with the help of its powerful reactive armour. 

This tank is also equipped with technology to block enemy radars and interest them. Its active protection system includes reactive armour, smoke grenades to camouflage itself and jammers to avoid laser guided weapons.

Test of Chinese War Tank

The test of China’s dangerous War Tank is visible in the video. This tank active protection system’s radar and launcher is GL6 APS millimeter-wave radar and interceptor launcher rotary table made by China North Industries Corporation. This tank is the fourth generation war tank of China. It has recently been launched for testing. The public does not know much about it. This tank was handed over to the army by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in the year 2022 in October. This war tank was shown as a video footage for the first time on the Chinese state TV channel.

China’s fourth-generation main battle tank exposed

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"text-align: justify;">China has Tank Type 99

According to a report, only two people can operate in China’s next generation tank. Right now China has Tank Type 99. At present, three people are required to operate it. In the new tank, one person will work for fighting and the other will work for driving the tank. The photo of the simulation cockpit of this tank was being shared. The steering wheel of this tank looked like a racing car. 

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