China Criticized Britain MP Committee Taiwan Visit Called Violation Of One China Policy | China: After America, the committee of UK MPs reached Taiwan, the raging dragon told

China Accused Britain Taiwan Visit: China has accused a committee of British MPs visiting Taiwan of interfering in its internal affairs. China warned that those who work against its interests will be answered and force can also be used for this.

British MPs met Taiwan’s Prime Minister Su Tseng-Chang on Thursday and will meet President Tsai Ing-wen on Friday (December 2). The President’s Office said that through this face-to-face exchange, we will continue to strengthen friendly and cooperative relations between Taiwan and the UK and work together for the peace, stability and development of the Indo-Pacific region. Ready to keep.

The Chinese Embassy said in a statement posted on Twitter on Thursday that the ongoing visit of members of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the British Parliament to Taiwan is a clear violation of the ‘One China Policy’. China has been considering Taiwan a democratic self-governing island as its part. However, Taiwan denies this claim of China.

China’s advice to Britain

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A spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Britain said that China urges Britain to abide by its commitment, stop any actions that violate the One China principle, and stop interfering in China’s internal affairs. He said that the steps taken by Britain to weaken the interests of China will be given a strong response from the Chinese side. It has been said in the statement that this visit gave a wrong signal to those who want to make Taiwan independent.

Britain’s answer to China

The five-day visit of the Committee of Members of Parliament of Britain is of great importance not only from the economic point of view but also from the political point of view. This visit is also important because this is the first visit to Taiwan by a high-level British delegation. Committee chair Alicia Kearns said in a statement ahead of a five-day visit to Taiwan that the strength of our ties in the Indo-Pacific region is of great importance to the UK and that Taiwan’s voice within the Indo-Pacific region is unique and invaluable.

Committee chair Alicia Kearns said in response to the Chinese statement that it is entirely correct that democracies persist in dialogue with each other, while the Chinese Communist Party has chosen to shut down dialogue by approving British MPs. They believe it matters to engage and listen to our friends in the Indo-Pacific region.

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