China Covid Surge Covid Cases Infecting 37 Million People A Day Stating World Largest Outbreak

China Covid Surge: There is an outcry in China due to Corona. Ever since China has relaxed the long-running Zero Covid policy, the cases of corona have been increasing there continuously. Meanwhile, according to an estimate by the top health authority of the Chinese government, about 37 million people in China could be infected with Kovid-19 in one day this week. This figure could be the biggest corona explosion ever in the world.

At least 248 million people are likely to be infected by the virus in the first 20 days of December, according to an internal meeting of China’s National Health Commission on Wednesday. This is about 18 percent of China’s population. If this estimate of the Chinese government is correct, then this infection rate will break the previous daily record of 4 million infections.

China had relaxed the zero covid policy
Ever since China has relaxed the long-running zero covid policy, the cases of corona are continuously increasing there. A new wave of Corona has arrived in China, which is becoming the most dangerous wave so far. More than half of residents of Sichuan province in China’s southwest and the capital Beijing have been infected, according to government agency estimates.

the health department has completely collapsed
According to the news, the health department there has completely collapsed. Hundreds are dying. Although China is denying that the situation is bad here. On the other hand, the whole world is accusing China of hiding the cases of Corona.

News Reels

No matter how much China lied about Corona, but now an article has exposed China. It has become clear how the situation there is due to Corona. Journalist Wang Xiangwei, who monitors China’s internal affairs, has written many things in one of his blogs which exposes the disorganized situation during Corona in China.

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