China Covid :Protesters Chant ‘Step Down CCP’ In Shanghai Against China’s Zero-Covid Policy

Step down Jinping: On the one hand, the cases of corona are increasing rapidly in China, on the other hand, the displeasure of the people there towards the Communist Government (CCP) regarding the strict Kovid rules has now taken the form of anger. The anger among the people has increased so much that the demand for the resignation of Chinese President Xi Jinping has also started rising among the citizens. Nationwide protests have started against the government.

The Chinese government has implemented strict Covid restrictions in different parts of the country. The people of China are furious about this. There are reports of protests from different areas of China. People are troubled by the strictness being adopted under the Zero Covid policy. The anger of the people is now creating difficulties for the Chinese government.

At least 10 people were killed and several injured in a fire that broke out on Friday in a residential building in Urumqi, northwest China’s Xinjiang province. In the midst of strictness regarding Kovid, this incident further incited the anger of the people of China. Since then, in many other areas including Xinjiang, people took to the streets and started shouting slogans against the Communist government of China. This protest intensified from Saturday night.

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‘Step Down Jinping’ slogan raised in Shanghai

Hundreds of people came out on the streets of different areas of China’s largest city, Shanghai. People are so angry with the government’s strict policies regarding Kovid that they all started raising slogans like ‘Communist Party ko hatao’, ‘Communist Party post chhodo’ and ‘Xi Jinping quit post’.

People on the streets believe that if strict Covid rules were not implemented in Xinjiang, the fire incident would have been brought under control soon and so many people would not have been killed in the arson incident. The people here are demanding the communist government to immediately remove the lockdown from Xinjiang province. At the same time, the police used pepper spray to stop the protesters in the middle of the night.

Police is telling people only responsible

However, the local authorities of Urumqi are denying that there was any delay in bringing the fire under control due to the Kovid restrictions. On the contrary, the administration blamed the negligence of the people living in the building. The police have also arrested a 4-year-old woman for giving false information about the death toll. This enraged the people of China.

The protesters say that we do not want to get PCR done for Kovid, we want freedom, freedom of the press. Lockdown has been in force in Urumqi for more than three months. Seeing the anger of the people, the local administration has removed the Covid restrictions from some localities of the city.

Nationwide protest against communist government

The city of Shanghai’s 25 million people were forced to remain under lockdown for two months earlier this year. Already angry about the lockdown, the anger of the people of Urumqi got intensified due to the incident of arson. There are also reports of clashes between the people protesting in Shanghai and the police. People in China’s northwestern city of Lanzhou also uprooted the tents made for the Kovid staff on Saturday and broke the booths made for the test. These people said that they were put under lockdown without being found positive. Candlelight processions for the Urumqi victims were held at universities in several cities, including Nanjing and Beijing.

China again in the grip of Corona

For the last five days, the cases of corona in China are increasing very fast. About 40 thousand cases came on Saturday. These figures are the highest in the last 6 months. In many cities of China, the situation has become like a lockdown.

People have started fearing that due to the zero covid policy of the Chinese government, they may have to face a lot of problems in the coming days. The effect of this fear and anger is that now people are openly taking to the streets to oppose the government.

Anger in factories due to ban

There is also a lot of resentment among the workers in Chinese factories. Two days ago, 20,000 workers fled from the Foxconn factory manufacturing iPhones in China due to strict Covid rules. The company’s difficulties increased due to the escape of such a large number of employees from the Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou, Henan province. Before that, the video of the clash between the employees of this factory and the police also went viral on social media. Mark Williams of Capital Economics believes that given the way things are shaping up, the next few weeks could be very bad for China’s economy and health system.

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