China Coronavirus Lockdown In Many Cities And Tourist Places Closed Covid 19 Restrictions | Corona panic once again in China

Covid-19 Restriction In China: China on Thursday saw the highest number of corona cases since April. More than 10,200 Covid positive cases have been confirmed in the country in the last 24 hours. The cases in the capital Beijing have also reached their highest level in more than a year, after which the top leadership has now devised a strategy to control the corona virus. There is a situation of lockdown in many places in the country and in many places people are being asked not to come out of their homes. Transport has also been affected by this.

Bloomberg quoted local officials as saying that the capital recorded 114 new corona positive cases on Thursday, while Guangzhou reported 2,358 cases. This is the reason that now China is very cautious in every adjustment it makes in its Kovid policies. However, its zero-Covid policy is now being questioned – which has disappointed the public and damaged the world’s second largest economy.

‘China cannot relax Covid restrictions’

Disease experts told news agencies that China cannot relax its Kovid restrictions in the near future. However, it will keep on improving them according to the changing pandemic situation and mutation of the virus and will be more scientifically accurate in their implementation.

News Reels

Experts believe that it may take more time for China to come out of the corona epidemic. It is being speculated that by the end of next year this can be curbed. Bloomberg quoted a survey of economists as saying that there will be a slow return to normalcy in the country, potentially weighing on investor expectations for a quick economic recovery.

sanctions tightened in beijing

According to media reports, authorities have tightened COVID-19 restrictions in parts of Beijing from November 10 to prevent corona infection. The government has closed many tourist places as a precaution. Authorities have designated several areas of Chaoyang district as high or medium risk areas, although infections have been reported in other parts of the capital as well.

Instructing people to stay in homes

Reports suggest that residents of high-risk areas were asked to stay in their homes and only delivery services have been allowed. Authorities require people in medium-risk areas to stay in their communities and avoid shopping during peak hours. There is a possibility of large scale testing in areas where COVID-19 cases have been reported.

Security personnel took charge

According to a report published on Crisis24, security personnel will implement checkpoints near risky areas to ensure compliance with movement restrictions. There is a possibility of public transport disruption in high and medium risk locations. Flights are also being disrupted at city airports (PEK, PKX) due to low demand. There is also a possibility of business disruption in high and medium risk areas.

Kovid restrictions apply in Chongqing too

China Daily quoted Li Pan, deputy director of the Chongqing Health Commission, as saying that residents of Chongqing, China, are being asked to limit their movement. Along with this, residents of 11 central urban districts in Chongqing have also been urged not to leave their areas. Apart from this, those coming from outside are being asked not to come unless it is really necessary.

Significantly, China was the epicenter of the outbreak of COVID-19 in the world. There have been lakhs of deaths across the country in the last 2 years. Meanwhile, local authorities across the country are under pressure to step up Covid containment measures despite growing public dismay. This week, videos from China went viral where a fight was seen between Kovid activists and residents. Following the uproar, police in the city of Lini in Shandong province said in a statement on Tuesday that seven Covid activists had been detained after clashes with residents.

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