China Coronavirus Cases Increasing Day By Day As Its Zero Covid Policy Eases

China Coronavirus: The cases of corona virus in China have started increasing rapidly once again. The relaxation given in the Zero Covid policy is believed to be the main reason behind this. According to media reports, Chinese health officials said on Monday that Kovid cases are increasing in the capital Beijing as the administration has started relaxing the Corona restrictions.

A few days after the relaxation of the Corona restrictions, the movement of Corona patients in Beijing’s hospitals has increased. In the report of AFP, quoting the officials, it has been told that in the past, only in Beijing city, about 22 thousand patients have got their check-up done in the hospitals. At the same time, a week ago this number was 16 times less.

large number of people reaching the hospital

“The current trend of rapid spread of the epidemic in Beijing still exists,” Li Ang, a spokesman for the city’s health commission, told a briefing on Monday. “The number of clinic visits after fever and flu-like cases has increased significantly, and the number of emergency calls has also increased sharply,” he said.

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According to media reports, 8,622 domestic cases of coronavirus were reported in China on Monday. However, due to low testing, this number is believed to be very high. The important thing here is that after the relaxation of the zero covid policy, now many people with minor symptoms have opted for treatment at home.

‘Omicron mutation is very dangerous’

Please tell that Health Advisor Zhong has warned the Chinese government about Corona. He said, “Currently the Omicron mutation is very contagious and one person can transmit the virus to 22 people.” The top health official further said, “The epidemic is spreading rapidly in China right now, and under such circumstances, no matter how strong prevention and control is, it will be difficult to completely cut the transmission chain.”

Shortage of ICU beds in the country

On Friday, Xiao Yahui, director of the Department of Medical Affairs at the National Health Commission, warned that there is only one intensive care unit bed (ICU bed) for 10,000 people in the country. He said that 1,06,000 doctors and 1,77,700 nurses would be shifted to ICUs to deal with the spike in coronavirus patients. However, he did not say how this would affect the health system’s ability to treat other diseases.

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