China Coronavirus 2 Million People May Die Hongkong Research Report | Covid-19: Corona can take a formidable form in China! 20 lakh people may die

China Coronavirus Deaths: The situation regarding the corona virus in China remains worrying. Cases are still increasing in many provinces. If reports are to be believed, now there is a crowd of patients in the hospitals. Meanwhile, researchers in Hong Kong have done a research, due to which an atmosphere of fear can arise in China. According to a new study by researchers, more than two million people in China could be killed by Kovid-19, as the government is rapidly ending corona restrictions.

According to Bloomberg’s calculations, based on China’s population of 1.41 billion, about 9,64,400 deaths will occur from Corona. “Our results suggest that local health systems in all provinces will be unable to cope with the increase in COVID-19 cases,” said the Hong Kong researchers.

If this happens there can be a decline in deaths

The researchers wrote in the report that if China is not opened until January 2023 and there is improvement in vaccination rates and access to antiviral drugs, the number of deaths could fall by 26%.

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Corona outbreak in China

It is worth mentioning that just a week back, China has relaxed the Zero Covid policy to a great extent. Citizens have definitely got relief from this, but the situation is now getting worse than before. “The current trend of rapid spread of the epidemic in Beijing still exists,” Li Ang, a spokesman for Beijing’s health commission, told a briefing on Monday. “The number of clinic visits after fever and flu-like cases has increased significantly, and the number of emergency calls has also increased sharply,” he said.

Health advisor warned

Please tell that Health Advisor Zhong has warned the Chinese government about Corona. He said, “Currently the Omicron mutation is very contagious and one person can transmit the virus to 22 people.” The top health official further said, “The epidemic is spreading rapidly in China right now, and under such circumstances, no matter how strong prevention and control is, it will be difficult to completely cut the transmission chain.”

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