China Claims That Created The Egyptian Civilization In Report By Researcher

China Claims Over Egypt Civilization: A Chinese researcher claimed that it was China that created the Egyptian civilization. After this claim, he was openly mocked. This thing was mocked because the civilization of Egypt is 1000 years old. Although Ancient China ranks high among the world’s oldest civilizations, the development of a united China occurred about 1100 years after Ancient Egypt (3100 BC).

Mesopotamia (4000 BC), Egypt (3100 BC) and Indus Valley Civilization (3300 BC) all these civilizations were built before China. Yu Ruojun, a senior researcher from Zhangjiakou city in China’s Hebei province, presented his research on the construction of Egypt on an online platform. Yu Rujun is a Senior Researcher at the Culture and Tourism Bureau in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province.

Introduced Archaeological Excavation

Presenting his facts, Yu Roujun said that he has many such evidences, through which he can prove that China has built the Egyptian civilization. The article spread like fire as soon as it was published on the official WeChat of the board. After this a controversy also arose, soon after which the article had to be removed. Yu Roujun cited a jar found during archaeological excavations as evidence. He said that this jug is exactly the same as the one found in ancient Egypt.

A Culture of China and Egypt

Yu then added another fact to support his claim. He said that the Egyptians and the Chinese were similar in form, they used similar cultural relics, technology of treatment, measurement units and folk customs. The Chinese researcher has been given the title of a veteran rock collector in the official state media report.

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